Arboriculture - Tree and Landscape Management  Advisor

  • Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Landscape Plantings, Organic Gardens & Home Orchards


Tree Health Care Specialist

    • Plant Health Care (PHC)  – Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - Regenerative Agriculture 
    • Plant pest and disease management 
    • Sudden Oak Death prevention
    • Soil fertility and plant nutrition
    • Soil testing and Rx amendments.
    • Transitioning To Organic Tree And Land Care  


Certified Arborist Services -

  • Tree Health, Structural & Risk Assessments
  • Arborist Reports and Specifications
  • Tree Inventories and  Management Plans 
  • Pruning and Removal Recommendations
  • Project Management
  • Tree Service Contractor Selection 


  • San Francisco  - Monterey Region, California USA


  • Donald W. Cox and Associates  
  • E-mail preferred:
  • Phone and WhatsApp on request
  • Referrals Only - No Social Media