Tree Care & Horticulture 

  • Trees, Landscapes, Urban Forestry, Organic Gardens &  Orchards - Maintenance Advisor

  • Plant Health Care (PHC)  – Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  - Advisors and Practitioners for Assessment and Management of Plant Problems

  • TRANSITIONING TO ORGANIC TREE AND LAND CARE      Improvement of Growing Conditions, Soil Fertility and Plant Health Restoration.

  • Arborist Services - Tree Health, Structural & Risk Assessments; Tree Inventories and  Management Plans; Plant Health Care, Pruning and Removal Recommendations;  Tree Service Contractor Selection; Arborist Reports and Specifications

  • San Francisco - Monterey Region, California USA
  •  Thailand - Southeast Asia
  • Donald W. Cox,  Certified Arborist
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