Donald William Cox 

Also known by friends and customers as "The Tree Doctor", Don has over 50 years of experience and education in tree & landscape maintenance, and organic gardening and farming. 

Son of a horticulturist, landscape architect, parks planner, Don grew up around plant nurseries, parks, arboretums, landscaping and tree work.  Over the course of his long career, he's been a nurseryman, licensed landscape contractor, tree worker/foreman/operations manager, tree service owner, tropical reforestation worker, orchard manager, consulting arborist, municipal arborist, utility arborist, estimator and trainer. He’s lived and worked in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand.

Don's early education and experience came from apprenticing with his father from age 12,  and other master horticulturists, arborists and organic farmers.  His education includes college coursework in biological sciences, pest management, plant pathology, and business management. He is associated with the International Society of Tropical Foresters and  formerly with the International Society of Arboriculture as Board Certified Master Arborist, with municipal, utility and tree risk assessment credentials.  

Don's orientation to horticulture is comprehensive plant health care, organic land care, regenerative agriculture,  integrated pest management, environmentally sound methods and materials, and working to enhance the natural form, beauty and productivity of plants.  


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Kevin Pineda

ISA Certified Arborist - Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Inspector, tree health and structural assessor, project manager, reporting arborist.  Experienced tree worker, crew and equipment manager,  pruning and removal technical specialist.  BS Engineering, San Jose State University.