DON COX –  a.k.a. The Tree Doctor

Independent arborist consultant, plant health care specialist.

Trees, landscape plantings, home orchards and gardens –  inspection, assessment, recommendations for  plant health, soil fertility, maintenance & problem solving.

Tree health and structural assessment, pruning & removal recommendations.

Consulting Hourly Rate:  $180/hr      $90 minimum for site-visit/inspection (up to ½ hour on site) + $45/quarter hour.

Email Q&A:  $45  minimum/quarter-hour. Send photos and description.  PayPal or Zelle

 Pest/Disease Management – Fertilization  Will quote for cost of treatment, time and materials.  Estimated minimum – $180 – 360

Soil Analysis, Plant Pest and Disease Identification.    Will quote for site-specific assessment and sampling,  laboratory report and fees.  Estimate minimum $360.

Soil testing and fertilization.  Based on principles of mineral and biological fertility enhancement, inspired by the work of Michael Astera author of “The Ideal Soil -A Handbook For The New Agriculture v2.0”

Sudden Oak Death preventive program management.  Site inspections and tree assessment, recommendations and quotes.   $90 -180 minimum.

We use information and resources from many sources, including UC Cooperative Extension and the

Statewide IPM Program

TriCal Diagnostics for plant pathology –

Logan Labs for soil testing –

SOD preventive management protocol from the UC based California Oak Mortality Task Force:

We recommend IPM (Integrated Pest Management),  Bio-rational, reduced risk methods and materials for plant pest and disease management, and Biopesticides when needed.